Partenariat Stratégique

As part of the development of the accelerator program of technological entrepreneurship and leadership of Information and Communication Technologies ICT in the Central African Republic, we are recruiting 20 mentors (10 in the CAR and 10 in the USA), to train them first on the context of the program.

Then, these mentors from the Central African Republic and the United States will provide essential information and advice to program participants. As well, they themselves will form a cohort to discuss the politics and business culture of the United States and the Central African Republic.

Description of the role of Mentors :
Mentors act as advisors to accelerator program participants. As a result, they provide advice and share their business and technology knowledge and expertise to participants. Mentors will be matched with mentees and will work together during the three-month accelerator program, then to a lesser extent the following nine months to provide insights into business building and pitching / business plan.

Mentoring advice ranges from business strategy, to refining product and service value propositions, technology knowledge, marketing and sales, finance and operations. Mentors can play an important role in the success of entrepreneurs and businesses and foster a technological entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Central African Republic.

Responsibilities of mentors:

Mentors will work with mentees weekly via SMS, email and phone during the three-month Technology Accelerator Program providing them with advice on business development and business plan development. Attend the one-hour virtual training program for mentors before the program begins. And also attend the final mentee business plan presentations at the end of the program. There is also a time commitment of one to two hours per week for the three months of the Accelerator program, then two hours per month for the next nine months.

Publié par Association Helena Centrafrique (H&A)

Nous sommes une Association qui favorise l’accès au numérique et contribue à l’amélioration du taux d'alphabétisme en NTIC en République Centrafricaine.

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